Welcome to SciJava

SciJava aims to provide an overview of available Java libraries for scientific computing. The packages listed are provided by individual projects each of which is committed to co-operating with the other projects, reusing libraries and integrating clients for a seamless workflow.

The focus at the moment is geared towards biosciences, having begun during the 2011 Fiji Hackathon in Dresden, but other projects are welcome to get involved.


  • Image processing
  • Image visualization and annotation
  • Workflow execution and machine learning

SciJava Overview


SciJava software libraries are intended for reuse by other projects.

Project Depends on
Alida None
Bio-Formats None
ImgLib2 None
SciJava Common None


SciJava applications strive for interoperability with each other, using common libraries as appropriate. These applications also have library components intended to be reused and extended (e.g., both ImageJ2 and Icy support many different types of plugins).

Project Depends on Interoperates with
ImageJ None -
KNIME Image Processing
Virtual Cell


Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some of the often asked questions about the included libraries.

Why are there so many different projects?

Each project has separate funding from various sources in a multitude of countries. But we’re continuously finding ways to work more closely together.

What should I start using first?

Check out each project's respective website for more information on each.

About SciJava

SciJava is a collaboration of projects providing software for scientific computing.

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