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ROI Discussion

ROIs in three dimensions

Some of the 3D primitives described below may appear to be redundant; it’s certainly possible for example, to represent a shape in 3D right now using multiple shapes, one per z plane. However, being able to use native 3D primitives is more powerful: it permits additional measurements involving volume, surface area and shape.

Some shapes may be represented equivalently in different ways; it might be worth considering adding support for these because it firstly allows the shape to be computed in different ways, which can differ depending upon the problem being solved, and it also contains information about how the measurement was made, i.e. the intent of the person doing the measuring, which is lost if converted to a canonical form.


Mask Could we have a pointer to an IFD/file reference plus
two coordinates so specify a clip region, then we can pack potentially hundreds of masks in a single plane.


Mesh 2D mesh described as e.g a face-vertex mesh.

3DMesh 3D mesh described as e.g. a face-vertex mesh.

Meshes could be computed from masks, polygons, extruded shapes where there is a z range, or from thresholding.


3DPath As for Path, but with additional vector to describe motion
along the prescribed plane?