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Barcelona meeting

The following points are taken from the meeting notes.


These may be incomplete, please do correct if necessary.

  • Iterate through all points in a ROI. Order is important for some use cases, but not all.

  • Type mechanism needed. Use concrete types.

  • Version types to allow for deprecation, and translation to new versions.

  • Define a persistent data model.

  • ROIs must be serialisable. Needed for exchange and persistence.

  • Serialisation may be implementation dependent. This could be XML, text or binary. Which should be used as a transfer format (if any)?

  • Allow conversion between different ROI types.

  • Need the ability to specify an interval in an arbitrary dimension.

  • Hierarchy of interfaces.
    • Interval, Renderable.
  • Need to specify how to draw and display (and edit?) types such as curves so that it does not vary between implementations.

  • Persistence and drawing are separate problems.

  • Transforms
    • Abililty to attach transforms

    • Non-affine transforms.
      • Need examples to understand the problem better
    • Store transforms with ROI?

    • Apply multiple transforms to a ROI in sequence; nested list of transforms

    • Modelling spaces and objects in space; maybe define transforms separately and reuse them

    • Tree of transformations and operations

  • Union ROIs
    • Only works in transform domain / “view space”
    • Union of hypervolumes. [How to represent different shapes at different times?]
  • Needs to be able to scale up to millions-billions of ROIs

  • Specific ROI types
    • Include checkerboard (uneven integers)
    • Hierarchy of ROIs; compound list
  • Rendering:
    • jHotDraw and other drawing toolkit independence
    • Need objects to be manipulable
    • List of control points
  • Editing:
    • Needed to manipulate shapes
  • Tree of operations
    • compiler/interpreter
    • obtain a “result”
  • Grouping

  • Comparison of models:
    • OME: ROI is union of shapes
    • ImgLib: Group is union of ROIs